Table booking made easy

Make reservations and pre-order food


User pain points

What users are demanding


I can't find the right restaurant for the evening with free seats


I have to wait half an hour for the food to be cooked and brought


I want to know the total amount in advance and pay by card

How it works

  • Select a restaurant

  • Reserve a table

  • Pre-Order Dishes

  • Come for the already-cooked meal

Home & Search

After several user surveys, we chose only the most essential home screen elements users paid attention to.

Choose restaurants by rating, cuisine, and prices

Read all the information about a restaurant

Restaurant Details

On the restaurant page you can see only the most important information about the reservation. Through it you can preview the restaurant menu

  • Contact Information

    Contact Information

    Find out about the restaurant opening hours and see their contacts

  • Location


    Find out how far away the restaurant is from you and create a route

  • Menu Preview

    Menu Preview

    Look through the restaurant menu before you book a table

  • Reviews


    You can choose a restaurant based on its reviews

Reservation Proccess

Reserve tables according to your needs and requests

  • Baby-Chair

    Baby Chair

    Specify the function of the child seat and the restaurant will prepare it for you

  • Variable-Seats

    Variable Seats

    You can choose your own table number and seating

  • Full-Info


    Forgot your reservation date? Find full information about your reservation

  • Alert


    Before you make a reservation, first check the availability of the restaurant

Choose a dish from more than 1,000+ restaurants in your city

Pre-order your favorite food and come when it's ready

Pre-Order Food

You don't have to waste your time at the restaurant waiting up to 40 mins for your dishes to be cooked. Just order the food you want right in the app. When you come to the restaurant, your food is ready.

Pre-Order Food
Pre-Order Food