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How many iterations and edits can you make?
We are quite flexible in this matter — we make edits through online comments in Figma (online service for design) and communication with the client according to the discussed scope at the beginning of the project. We try to fulfill the customer's wishes for the design, but after the development stage begins, all the design changes are evaluated separately. Some changes at the development stage are impossible to implement for technical reasons, therefore it is very important to approve the design before the development begins.
Can you make a design separate from the development?
Yes, we can. We do both design and development separately.
What do I do if I don't like the final design?
This outcome is almost impossible — our approach is being in constant contact with the customer and thorough interviewing of the customer at the initial stage of the project. You don't have to agree for anything before it's finished — at the beginning of the project you get a link online where you can track the process in real-time and leave comments on the layout.
Can I order an SLA?
Yes, we welcome such agreements, because support and maintenance are an integral part of the website/app development.
Will I be able to change the content on my website?
Yes, the package includes CMS, so the content is dynamic. However, some content is not possible to change for technical reasons. So if you have any content that you really want to change you need to tell us when discussing the project in detail. For example, mention exact prices, schedule, command, text description of something, roadmaps, timer, etc.
Can I request content from you (text / video / pictures / 3D renderers / etc)?
It's possible and even necessary! We have a copywriter — native English speaker, we will gladly help you create your own content. We also have illustrators and 3D visualizers — we will help you create your own content for your project.
Can I request an update of an existing project?
It's possible and even necessary! We have a copywriter — native English speaker, we will gladly help you create your own content, as well as we have illustrators and 3D visualizers — we will help you create your own content for our (and not only) project.
What if you don't meet the deadline?
Time-shifting happens like everything else in this world, to say that we have never shifted the deadline would be dishonest. But we try never to do this and warn about it at least a week, often all the shifts happen due to untimely feedback from the customer and the content provided at the last moment.
I don't have a visual identity, but I need a website.
You can order from us a stylistic id along with the site — we will even give you a discount in a complex order. Working with an ID is more correct and professional and the result is better.
Do you post layouts after the project is completed?
Yes, we will give you access to the editing of Figma. There you can download all the materials that we developed in any format you find convenient.

Starting the project

I don't have content at the start of the project. Can we still start a project?
We can start creating a UX prototype and add the content later. But it needs to be understood that business logic and the user workflow must be known from the very beginning. After the UX stage is done, you'll need to provide the content in FULL VOLUME for the design.
I don't know how to formulate what I need.
In this case, we have a wonderful brief you can fill out and that will help you formulate your needs.
I want to launch a huge project. How do I start it?
The first step is always the formation of a good Technical task with the good-defined business logic of your service/market place/shop, etc. The best thing is to break the project into parts so you will protect yourself from unnecessary expensive functionality, which won't be used when launching the project.


Does the animation slow down site load speed?
We use CSS animation basically — for this reason it practically doesn't affect the speed of the site load. When we use more sophisticated tools, we always track the site load speed and optimize it.
We have a template. Can you customize it?
No, we do not use templates and have any deal with templates — the reason for this is not optimized unpredictable code that was written not by us, as a result — we can't be responsible for the site.
Can you develop a site faster?
It's possible, but we will need to use additional resources which will cost additional funds.
Is it possible follow-up order the functionality of the project after its complete?
Of course, we are always glad for a long relationship with our customers.
I want to do a service but I don't know which programming language is better
The main thing is to make the user workflow — so we can choose the optimal solution for the price and functionality.

Payment questions

Is it convenient to work with a team located in other parts of the world?
Yes, it's very convenient, we work around the world — Australia, the States, France, Belgium, the Netherlands — this is not the whole list of countries we worked with. We are always in touch, we have nice prices and simple wire transfer from anywhere in the world.
When there is a deploy of the project on our server?
After paying the second half, we transfer the site from our hosting to the hosting of the client.
Can I split the payment into several parts?
Yes, we always split the payment into two parts — 50% advance payment and 50% post-payment, which guarantees the customer's interest in the project and our interest in completing the project properly.