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Discovering and training skilled talent usually takes considerable time and resources. That's why, our commitment is to assist startups, small and medium-sized enterprises, and big corporations in obtaining quick access to a team of technology experts within just a few weeks. Ein-des-ein provides IT outstaffing services, a cost-effective solution for your development tasks!

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What is Outstaffing?

Outstaffing involves augmenting your in-house team with remote specialists. They are officially employed by a provider agency but solely dedicated to your specific project. It slightly differs from other outsourcing models. Here, outstaffing companies manage HR, payroll, and other administrative tasks. As a result, they leave the client free to focus on core operations. By choosing oustaffing services, you get:

An ability to manage the whole development process

Flexibility to scale your resources up or down depending on changing circumstances

Constant direct access to team members

Considerable cost savings: no incurring additional expenses such as infrastructure or equipment costs

A quick and straightforward hiring procedure and easy onboarding

Access to a pool of top-tier experts with relevant expertise and skills required for specific tasks

Start your journey with us

Ein-des-ein has been providing IT outstaffing services for more than 7 years. We help businesses across various industries like healthtech, SaaS etc. achieve their goals and grow.

We eagerly accept each new challenge from our clients, offering guidance and optimizing the solution until it fulfills the highest expectations. We have a constant access to a vast network of over 200 software engineers with expertise across every technology stack you may require.

If you choose Ein-des-ein as your trusted IT outstaffing company, you get multiple benefits, including:

Direct Team Access

Constant direct access to team members

End-to-End Management

An ability to manage the whole development process

Cost Savings without Extras

Considerable cost savings: no incurring additional expenses such as infrastructure or equipment costs

Access to Top-Tier Experts

Access to a pool of top-tier experts with relevant expertise and skills required for specific tasks.

Quick Onboarding

A quick and straightforward hiring procedure and easy onboarding

Flexible Resource Scaling

Flexibility to scale your resources up or down depending on changing circumstances

Why choose Ein-des-ein as an IT Outsourcing Company?

If you want us to take full responsibility for your project and do not plan to be actively involved, we have got your back!
Ein-des-ein successfully offers IT outsourcing services. By choosing Ein-des-ein as your main outsourcing partner, you definitely reduce expenses.

Moreover, you streamline operations and get access to various technologies on the market.
No need for constant management from your side: we fully manage the project, so you focus on operational tasks, strategy planning, and revenue generation (yay!).

Reasons to select Ein-des-ein as an IT outsourcing partner:

  • 01

    Streamlined Responsibility

    Streamlined Responsibility
  • 02

    Proven Industry Expertise

    Access to unique and proven expertise in various industries
  • 03

    Smooth English Communication

    English speaking engineers. Our specialists speak English fluently so our communication will be smooth and easy.
  • 04

    Agile Scalable Solutions

    Flexibility and scalability to quickly cater to changes in your demands
  • 05

    Cost-Effective Lower Rates

    Cost-effectiveness as you save on labor costs, infrastructure and administrative expenses. Furthermore, our hourly rates are lower than in Western Europe and the United States!

Cooperation Models

At Ein-des-ein, we offer several options to choose from based on your preferences:

Dedicated team model

If you aim to have full control over the process and communicate directly with the team members, it is most suitable for you.

Our experts supplement your in-house team, and you liaise with them as if they were your own employees.

Time and material model

It is an ideal solution if you plan to pay for the actual time and resources invested in this particular project instead of a fixed price.

We provide accurate tracking and invoicing for the actual hours spent and resources used. It ensures transparency and cost-effectiveness.

Fixed-price model

It is suitable for those who have clear specifications understanding and expect minimal changes.

We discuss every step in detail and sign a contract where the list of services is thoroughly calculated and approved beforehand. No pitfalls or hidden expenses which may “suddenly” occur, drastically changing the total price.

Information we need to start assembling the team

To start the cooperation, we will not ask you to send tons of useless information. We appreciate your time and require only the essential info to understand the requirements. Just tell us about:

  • 01

    Your project goals and anticipated outcomes;

  • 02

    Technical requirements aka what software tools, programming languages, and technologies are needed

  • 03

    Team size, their level of expertise and skillset

  • 04

    Timeframes aka the expected start and completion date or/and any milestones or deadlines you plan to meet

  • 05

    The available budget; any other financial requirements

  • 06

    The preferred communication style and how often you would like to participate in the process or get updates.

Since 2015, we have made our clients’ success our priority.

Ein-des-ein company was established in 2015 as a small design studio. It has since grown to become one of the top software development companies in Ukraine according to various trusted platforms. Goodfirms, Designrush and Clutch mentioned us in their ratings!

Our clients have become our strongest advocates. They share their positive experiences with others through digital platforms and social media. They do so because they trust us and are confident about the quality of our services.

We can proudly say that we managed to build a positive reputation on the market. We continue to prioritize delivering high-quality and innovative solutions. And, we never take positive reviews for granted!

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IT Outstaffing Services We Provide

Our outstaffing services are designed to be scalable, cost-effective, and flexible. Ein-des-ein software developers, designers, QA specialists can work exclusively on your tasks. They will help you overcome various challenges in the following areas:

Custom software development

Web and mobile application development

UI/UX design

Code reviews and testing

Our clients say

Fantastic work by the Ein-des-ein team who I would recommend to any business looking for a reliable partner to do a tech platform design or re-design. They are efficient, talented, and a pleasure to work with.

Emma Warren-Jones

Co-founder of Scholarcy
Ein-des-ein helped us with building and launching our B2B website. The team was great to work with, especially in regards to their client focus and their vibrant UI work. We were highly satisfied with the result and would be glad to recommend ein-des-ein to others.

Sandro Matter

Co-Founder at vlot
It was a pleasure to work with Michael and his team. We are happy with the final result which turned to be creative, modern, and accurate. Besides, everything was delivered on time and on budget.

Dmitri Nogin

CEO & Co-founder at Emphy
The team at Ein-des-ein was amazing to work with. Michael was in constant communication with us every step of the way. They created a superb custom design for our website and developed a crucial backend integration. I will tell you, lose your fear of outsourcing overseas. You will be in talented and honest hands with Ein-des-ein.

Christopher Perry

CEO at Energy for a cause
The project result was quite impressive. The start, the progress, and the completion — everything was on a good level. I enjoyed the design, it was very professional! The animation was nice, too.

Thank you, Michael and the Ein-des-ein team.

Aladin Ben

Crypto advisor
The ein-des-ein team is always happy to work on every bit of feedback we give them. It was a great experience! We enjoyed both the process and the final result. Good luck with the future endeavors!

Natalia Walker

Co-Founder & COO at Boataffair


What is a dedicated development team?

It is a group of tech specialists who work specifically on one client's project. However, they are not hired as in-house employees. Such specialists act as an addition to the core team, usually offering expertise that is required for specific tasks.

Are dedicated teams more efficient than internal development teams?

The efficiency depends on circumstances. However, a dedicated team provides several benefits, including higher level of expertise in specific areas or technologies, cost savings related to recruiting and maintaining the in-house workforce, and flexibility to scale the team up or down according to current needs.

How do I hire a dedicated development team?

Define your project's goals and objectives before reaching out to any provider. Then research companies, taking their experience, expertise, and reviews into consideration. Schedule a consultation call to discuss your product idea and expectations. The chosen company will provide you with potential team members' profiles. Conduct interviews to select relevant candidates. You can select the engagement model that works best for you (a fixed price or an hourly rate).

How hiring dedicated developers can reduce development costs?

In this case, you do not need to worry about recruitment costs as they are eliminated here. Plus, you do not incur additional expenses for office rent, hardware, or social package like insurance or paid leave. The outsourcing partner covers them fully. Labor costs may be also lower. You can choose the provider based in Eastern Europe or Asia, but receive the same level of quality. The team can be scaled up or down which means you only pay for resources and time needed for a particular task.

What is the difference between outsourcing and outstaffing?

Outstaffing agency lets you complete the existing team with missing expertise which is required for a specific task (not constantly). For instance, you require React development services. But, you do not need to hire a full-time employee (their services are usually not needed that much on a daily basis). The client's involvement here is high. They control the process, communicating with dedicated specialists as if they are in-house employees. Outsourcing means handing the project to the development company fully, so the team becomes responsible for the entire process. The constant client's participation is not needed. Choosing this model, you get more time for strategic tasks, receiving time-to-time updates.

Can you help with integrating existing systems/third-party services into my enterprise app?

Absolutely! As an enterprise app development company, we would be glad to assist you with it. Your app will be seamlessly integrated with required software.

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