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ein-des-ein’s support boosted the client’s average session duration and led to a decrease in usability support tickets. They ensured a seamless workflow through their open communication and prompt responses to needs and concerns. Their receptiveness to client input and feedback stood out.

Jane Vyshnova
CEO, Dinarys GmbH

Thanks to ein-des-ein’s work, the client achieved precise predictions from the AI analysis feature through the functional app. The team met all project deadlines and communicated effectively through Google Meet, Slack, and email. They were committed to excellence and understood the client’s goals.

Executive, AI Software Company

ein-des-ein skillfully delivered a user-friendly, intuitive mobile app that met the client’s expectations. The service provider was highly proactive and communicative, providing the client with regular updates. Their tech stack, transparency, and collaborative approach were commendable.

Marina Ruban
COO, Luxeo.Team

ein-des-ein successfully delivered the app, which met the client’s expectations and drove daily engagement from end users. The client’s customer satisfaction and revenue also grew. The team managed the engagement well through regular communications and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction.

Olga Belikova
Brand Manager, Kasta

ein-des-ein’s work fostered a more efficient design process that enabled the client to deliver exceptional results for their customers, exceeding expectations. The team maintained open communication, set clear expectations, and provided regular updates. They were professional and hands-on.

Denis Subbota

Ein-des-ein’s highly skilled developer quickly grasped the client’s requirements and efficiently coded the features. They also impressed the client with their reliability, knowledge, and hard work. Moreover, the client lauded how the vendor quickly shortlisted candidates suited to the project.

Stefan Schacherl

ein-des-ein has a proven track record of delivering successful projects on time and on budget. They were dedicated to customer satisfaction and internal stakeholders were impressed with the vendor’s passion, experience, and willingness to go above and beyond to create intuitive apps.

Veronica Akhunova
Co-Founder, Sensters

ein-des-ein’s team delivered a great product, rapidly solving the client’s UI/UX needs. Their work was well-received and met all the required requirements. They were professional and punctual.

Tina Zarrabi
Account Manager, Tribo

ein-des-ein created a minimalistic and stylish design, and the brand identity reflected what the client does. With an effective workflow, the team communicated with the client via Slack and had regular review meetings. In the end, the team’s expertise and independence yielded positive results.

Martin Liebrich
CTO, Staxe

With ein-des-ein’s branding expertise, the company became easier to understand and more noticeable to their target audience. As a result, sales results and clients’ satisfaction grew drastically. The ein-des-ein team’s genuine desire to produce quality outputs was impressive.

Anastasiia Mashtalyar
CEO, Solid English School

ein-des-ein’s work received positive feedback for being structured and detailed. Their communicative and responsive approach fostered a productive working environment. They offered professional execution on top of their high-quality output.

Alina Libetska
Founder, Omma

The collaboration satisfied internal stakeholders. ein-des-ein created a functioning website that attracted new clients. The homepage reflected the company’s vision and brand identity. The team’s CI/CD clearly conveyed the company values visually.

Gion Kunz
Co-Founder & Member of the Administration, Coalist

With ein-des-in’s redesigning efforts, the client has been satisfied thus far. The new website drew longer user sessions and an increase in conversions while carrying a distinctive and luxurious design. Both sides continue to efficiently work together in finishing the remaining tasks.

Natalya Walker
Co-Founder & COO, Boataffair

ein-des-ein was patient when it came to addressing the iterations to the design. The team communicated thoroughly with the client to better understand the desired visual outcome. Thanks to their professionalism and expertise, the platform met the client’s goal of raising money for the startup.

Anton Viborniy
CEO, Apiway

While the site is yet to launch, the client anticipates positive feedback from end-users. They are impressed by ein-des-ein’s efficiency, as well as high level of communication. The client appreciated the team’s transparency on what they’re working on daily.

Emma Warren-Jones
Co-Founder, Scholarcy

The ein-des-ein team’s efforts created an invaluable tool for the company’s shoppers. The client was particularly impressed by the team’s deep understanding of the e-commerce industry and their ability to translate that expertise into a top-notch product.

Executive, Choosla

The client was happy with ein-des-ein’s turnaround time and the quality of the candidates they presented. Due to their expertise, the developer ein-des-ein provided became an invaluable member of the client’s team. ein-des-ein’s effective communication and smooth hiring process also stood out.

Bohdan Zahriia
Co-Founder & CEO, satellite.im

ein-des-ein’s efforts led to captivating landing pages that effectively engaged the target audience and drove sales, resulting in improved e-commerce performance. Their collaborative approach, attention to detail, and strong UX understanding contributed to the creation of effective product pages.

Halyna Kosheva

ein-des-ein delivered a comprehensive branding strategy and a fully functional site that showcases the client’s work. ein-des-ein led an attentive to detail and punctual process. The client also praised the team’s willingness to listen to their feedback and suggestions.

Alena Bondar
Founder, I'm Design

ein-des-ein’s work resulted in a visually appealing, fully functional, and responsive website. It offered a convenient product catalog, secure payment gateway, and user-friendly shopping cart and checkout process. The team’s efficiency, honesty, and communication via Zoom and Slack were noteworthy.

Maria Pukhalska
Co-Founder, Tartes de Marie

ein-des-ein delivered the project successfully and met the client’s expectations. Their technical expertise enabled them to implement the solutions required by the project. Moreover, their members had smooth communication skills; they explained technical information in an easy-to-understand manner.

Borys Sviet
Product Designer, Cryptocurrency Company

ein-des-ein delivered excellent creative outputs and met the timelines for the project. The new brand identity helped the client build their website and brought higher sales. The team went the extra mile, working on holidays and consistently keeping in touch. Their patience was an impressive asset.

Sergiy Gutsman
Owner, Molodo

ein-des-ein delivered a website with a laconic design and an excellent administrative panel. The client was pleased that everything went according to the agreed plan, giving them exactly what they wanted. Moreover, they appreciated the vendor’s willingness and ability to fix a problem quickly.

Nastya Volodchenkova
Co-Owner, IDEST Brand Bureau

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