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Enterprise app development

Transform your business processes! Our custom enterprise software solutions are designed to optimize your daily operations. We provide enterprise application development services to a wide variety of businesses. Our developers will help you take your organization to the next level.

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Enterprise application development services We Provide

Full-cycle web development

  • house

    Retailers and E-commerce stores

  • Healthcare

    Healthcare providers and hospitals

  • Government

    Government institutions

  • Construction

    Construction companies

  • Logistics

    Logistics firms

  • Education

    Education institutions and universities

  • Energy

    Energy and utility firms.


End-to-end mobile development


Easily integrate corporate communication


Tracking and file-sharing into a compact and portable tool


Streamline workflows


Empower employees to work productively from anywhere.

ERP software development services

Consolidate all operations in a single system and manage them effortlessly! Ein-des-ein creates ERP systems from scratch and updates existing ones. We can help you gain insight into your daily operations and streamline workflows. You achieve a flawless and secure operations performance through a modern platform. Raise the efficiency of the workflows in:

  • Production managment
  • Finance & Accounting
  • SCM
  • Human Resources
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Data Analytics
  • Chatbots
  • Knowledge base
  • Production managment
  • Finance & Accounting
  • SCM
  • Human Resources
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Data Analytics
  • Chatbots
  • Knowledge base

Production Management

  • Planning, scheduling and control
  • Sub-modules for product lifecycle management and quality assurance

Finance & Accounting

  • Planning, scheduling and control
  • Accounts payable/receivable tracking
  • General ledger related operations
  • Billing automation

Supply Chain Management

  • Inventory control
  • Communication with vendors
  • Procurement automation

Human Resources

  • HR policy issues
  • Personnel recruitment, onboarding, payroll, attendance, learning, and requests.

Sales and Marketing

  • Data-driven campaign planning
  • Sales dynamics visibility

Project Management

  • Planning, tracking and monitoring
  • Document Exchanging
  • Collaboration tools such as instant messaging and shared file space
  • Centralized storage
  • Easy document navigation and sharing
  • Templates

Data Analytics and BI

  • DA and visualization functionality
  • Monitoring, measuring and optimizing the performance of every department

Knowledge base

  • Centralized knowledge repository
  • Powerful search engine
  • Collaboration tools such as instant messaging and shared file space
  • Automated classification
  • Collaboration and sharing tools

Chatbots and Virtual Assistants

  • Chatbots for ERP navigation
  • Virtual assistants for automating specific routine tasks

CRM development services

Ein-des-ein specializes in delivering customized CRM solutions:

  • 01

    Sales CRM

    Track and manage the sales pipeline, customer interactions, and forecasting revenue.
  • 02

    Marketing CRM

    Help your marketing teams manage and automate ad, email, and social media campaigns.
  • 03

    Service СRM

    Manage customer requests, complaints, and support tickets.
  • 04


    Manage relationships with partners and vendors, including distribution channels, suppliers, and resellers.
  • 05

    Analytical CRM

    Gain insights into customer behavior, preferences, and patterns. Actionable intelligence to improve your customer relationships!

Existing software modernization

It’s time to modernize your current system in case it:


Becomes too costly to maintain


Fails to provide adequate agility


No longer supports current requirements

Looking to elevate existing software infrastructure?

We will help you incorporate robust microservices or APIs into the system. We’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure chosen solutions meet your criteria. We use the latest and most reliable frameworks and approaches for seamless integration.

Why Choose Ein-des-ein for Enterprise Application Development


Michael Chepurniak

CEO & Lead Designer

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  • Proven industry expertise

    We have been providing top-tier IT services to a diverse range of clients. Proven expertise in Construction, E-Commerce, Logistics, Environment and other industries. Our client-focused approach and comprehensive project management ensure its timely and efficient delivery. As a result, you can fully rely on the team and focus on running your business. You will get a customized, scalable, and secure product catered to your criteria.

  • Impressive tech background

    We take a comprehensive approach by leveraging the latest technologies and frameworks. Our tech stack includes ReactJS, NodeJS, Kotlin, Swift and more. We create software with stable performance that is both secure and scalable.

  • Skilled experts

    We are proud to say that we have gathered the coolest team of truly talented people. Our developers, designers, testers and PMs are at the top of their respective fields. Every project aspect is covered with an equal level of professionalism. No exceptions here!

  • Dedicated teams to complete your in-house team

    Are you looking to expand your in-house IT team to take on more ambitious projects? You can hire specialists on a short-term basis or as part of a dedicated team to help you scale up your capacities. This option also offers cost-effectiveness. Specialists work faster and with greater efficiency. Furthermore, we cover all administrative and HR-related costs. No recruitment, hiring, onboarding or rent expenses from your side!

  • Maintenance And Support

    You do not need to worry about possible arising issues. We track the software performance after it becomes available for users. If any glitches arise, we rectify them quickly.

Our Enterprise APP Development Process:

  • 01


    We conduct a thorough analysis of your requirements. We also identify the crucial pain points and opportunities for improvement.
  • 02


    Our designers create a wireframe, layout, and visual design. Then we combine these into an interactive prototype. The prototype is then refined based on your feedback.
  • 03


    Our designers create a wireframe, layout, and visual design. Then we combine these into an interactive prototype. The prototype is then refined based on your feedback.
  • 04


    Finally, we start bringing the design to life. We use Agile, DevOps, and other methodologies to ensure efficient and accurate development.
  • 05

    Quality Assurance

    We perform testing at each stage to fix any issues before the release.
  • 06


    We deploy the product in the required hosting. We also optimize its performance and security.
  • 07

    Support and maintenance

    Here, if any problems arise, we solve them, fix bugs, and improve the functionality as required.

Why do you need Enterprise App?

  • Streamline

    Automate internal processes to achieve increased efficiency.

  • Enhance communication

    Provide a platform for seamless collaboration among employees, departments and partners.

  • Get better data organization

    Organize and store large amounts of information. Make it secure and le!

  • Increase customer engagement

    Provide personalized user experiences that increase loyalty and brand awareness.

  • Improve decision making

    Make informed decisions and drive innovation by analyzing up-to-date software indicators.

Advantages of an Enterprise Application

Such software is available in specialized variations to meet diverse organizational demands. Some examples include:

  • HR Management Systems
  • Payroll Management Platforms
  • Email Systems
  • Marketing and Sales Tools
  • Resource Planning Platforms
  • Supply-chain management Software etc.

What do enterprise applications do?

Scalability & robustness

Such software facilitates mission-critical functions. It easily scales according to changing needs without experiencing downtime or disruptions. It processes large amounts of data. As a result, organizations perform complex operations without delays.

Centralized data storage

CDS makes it easy for employees to access all information from a single location. Redundancy and its duplication in different systems are also minimized.

Enhanced security

Large organizations deal with employee, financial and customer related data. Such apps provide a high level of security, mitigating the risks of any breaches and theft. Additionally, organizations can implement access control, encryption and authentication measures.

Easy Integration

You can integrate EAs with other systems. It makes them efficient at sharing data and improving alignment within the organization. For instance, a CRM system may be integrated with social media platforms or a call center app. It allows client data centralization. Such integration improves collaboration within sales and customer service departments.

Simplified Data Analytics

Gain insights into daily operations! Real-time monitoring allows companies react quickly to changes and opportunities. Decision-makers gain access to the most up-to-date data. Reporting can be customizable. Dashboards provide visual data representations (charts or graphs), helping to interpret it easier. Organizations identify trends, patterns, and anomalies faster, facilitating advanced data-driven decision-making.

Benefits of our Custom Enterprise Application Development

  • 01


    We offer competitive pricing packages within specified budget without compromising on quality. We've optimized our processes to ensure we provide services fitting your financial expectations.
  • 02

    Engagement models of your choice

    We offer you the liberty to regulate the level of engagement in the process. No matter how frequently you would like to be involved here. You will always get updates from the responsible PM to stay informed about each stage. Finally, you can focus on other strategical things, because we've got your back here!
  • 03

    Regular and timely project updates

    We stay in constant communication with our clients. As a rule, we provide them with daily/weekly status updates. They receive regular reports detailing the progress. Here, we include a breakdown of tasks completed, milestones achieved, and obstacles faced.
  • 04

    Flexible approach

    We understand that project requirements may change any time. There are various factors here like market shifts, unexpected issues, or client feedback. Thus, our team is agile and adaptable to changes during the project lifecycle. A good enterprise application development company should assess their potential impact. Thus, our specialists provide clients with a clear understanding of the expected outcomes. Any adjustments are made without compromising the final delivered product. It remains aligned with discussed expectations.

Our case studies

Our technology stack


React JS
Angular JS




Node JS




Our clients say

Fantastic work by the Ein-des-ein team who I would recommend to any business looking for a reliable partner to do a tech platform design or re-design. They are efficient, talented, and a pleasure to work with.

Emma Warren-Jones

Co-founder of Scholarcy
Ein-des-ein helped us with building and launching our B2B website. The team was great to work with, especially in regards to their client focus and their vibrant UI work. We were highly satisfied with the result and would be glad to recommend ein-des-ein to others.

Sandro Matter

Co-Founder at vlot
It was a pleasure to work with Michael and his team. We are happy with the final result which turned to be creative, modern, and accurate. Besides, everything was delivered on time and on budget.

Dmitri Nogin

CEO & Co-founder at Emphy
The team at Ein-des-ein was amazing to work with. Michael was in constant communication with us every step of the way. They created a superb custom design for our website and developed a crucial backend integration. I will tell you, lose your fear of outsourcing overseas. You will be in talented and honest hands with Ein-des-ein.

Christopher Perry

CEO at Energy for a cause
The project result was quite impressive. The start, the progress, and the completion — everything was on a good level. I enjoyed the design, it was very professional! The animation was nice, too.

Thank you, Michael and the Ein-des-ein team.

Aladin Ben

Crypto advisor
The ein-des-ein team is always happy to work on every bit of feedback we give them. It was a great experience! We enjoyed both the process and the final result. Good luck with the future endeavors!

Natalia Walker

Co-Founder & COO at Boataffair

Related Services

It’s time to modernize your current system in case it:


Current System Audit

If your company faces frequent disruptions or runs outdated systems, we can help. Ein-des-ein experts review, analyze and identify reasons for possible system vulnerabilities. You receive a comprehensive report describing your system's capabilities.



Our researchers are ready to help you turn your ideas into profitable solutions. Our team conducts thorough investigation to identify opportunities that best fit your strategy. As a result, you reduce the risk of your solution not working as intended, and maximize your ROI!

App Concept Analysis

App Concept Analysis

Validate your idea and identify potential pitfalls. Our tech experts, designers and BAs will save your valuable time and resources in the long run. We provide an informative consultation on your concept.

Articles in our blog related to Enterprise APP Development


What are enterprise applications, and why are they important for businesses?

These are programs designed to manage and automate various business processes. Many EAs provide analytics so companies get valuable insights for further improvements.

How much does it cost to build an enterprise app?

The cost varies depending on app's complexity. You should also consider its features, a customization level, etc. To develop a simple application with basic features such as login authentication and user profiles ranges from $40 to 80k. A medium complexity solution may cost around $140-170k. A more complicated one would require $250k+.

What is an enterprise mobile developer?

It is a professional who specializes in creating mobile apps for large organizations. They create solutions that integrate with other company apps, CRM and ERP systems. Their goal is to craft a product that meets the organization's specific needs.

Who provides services to help develop enterprise applications?

Software development companies usually have such expertise. Freelancers may be a cost-effective option for certain projects too. Yet, they are not the best choice for developing complex apps. Such software requires a high level of complexity and customization. It is a task for developers, designers, PMs and BAs. Freelancers may not have expertise to execute such large-scale projects by their own. Additionally, managing a team of freelancers is time-consuming and difficult. It may lead to communication breakdowns, delays, and potential security issues. We would recommend considering outsourcing such enterprise app development service to skilled professionals.

How long does it typically take to develop an enterprise application?

The timeline usually varies depending on the product complexity and available resources. Generally, it takes 6 to 24 months to develop a functional app. As a rule, the process is not very quick. It involves several phases, including proper planning, design, coding, testing, and deployment.

Can you help with integrating existing systems/third-party services into my enterprise app?

Absolutely! As an enterprise app development company, we would be glad to assist you with it. Your app will be seamlessly integrated with required software.

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